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:: Friday, June 04, 2004 ::

Silent Letters, Rapture Ready, and Michael Moore: Random Friday Musings

* Updated baby name rule: No silent syllables. I hope I don't need to explain why.

* This is another prime example of why not paying attention to church history can totally screw up your faith. What part of "chiliasm was already condemned by the entire Christian world in 381 AD" don't people understand?

I must admit though, the answer to this clever question made me laugh. You just can't satirize this stuff because it is done so well for you.

* While we wait for the rapture, why not do it in style in a new Christian nation! Will future historians note that this was how the South became the "Fourth Rome"? Huw asks, "How long in this new 'Christian Nation' of South Carolina, before the Catholics or the Orthodox get voted off the island?"

Frankly, I'd rather drown in the ocean than be stuck on that island...

* "I dislike his style, his philosophy, and the dishonesty that seems to flow from everything he creates."

No, this isn't a quote from my hate-mail.

This is a quote by Joshua Claybourn on uber-hypocrite extraordinaire Michael Moore. Josh links to a new film coming out this summer that will prove, hopefully once and for all, that when one calls something a "documentary" and it turns out to be nothing but shameless and libelous propaganda that one has lost the right to be taken seriously.

I'm a conservative to my liberal friends and a liberal to my conservative friends. But I have to say something here: Michael Moore is an utter embarrassment to the Left and to anyone who cares about intellectual integrity. I continue to be mystified by otherwise intelligent people supporting the man and his work.

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