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:: Monday, January 10, 2005 ::

Affirmations, Calvinism, and Addressing Consciences: Random Monday Musings

* Daily Affirmations for Bloggers. If you've blogged for any significant amount of time you will recognize several of these. A few might even apply to you!

* An Introduction to the Orthodox Church for Truly Reformed Calvinists broken down into seven major categories. Highly recommended.

* This is good to see: An Orthodox intentional community dedicated to serving men with HIV/AIDS.

* Quote du jour from the January issue of Touchstone:

"People do not come to Christ because they seek a new lifestyle aid, or are following a historical argument, or fear eschatological heat...If we are going to be faithful in our witness (pastors and laymen alike), we must stop addressing merely minds, sentiments, and self-interest and start addressing consciences."

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