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:: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 ::

You Guys are Arians!

Jim's anecdote about evangelism among the JW and LDS reminded me of a true story about an Orthodox priest I know:

One day, a short time after he was ordained and settled into his new parish, he saw two young JW's walk up to the house.

He invited them in for tea and encouraged them to make their "pitch" (he didn't know much about them and was curious to hear what their beliefs were).

After a few minutes of Watchtower propaganda, something clicked in his mind and he suddenly exclaimed "Oh! You guys are Arians!" [the name given to followers of an infamous ancient heresy that posited that Jesus was not God from eternity]

The two young JW men looked at each other with aghast faces and turned to the priest and said "Oh no! The Nazi's were totally evil and we love the Jews!"

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