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:: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 ::

The Two Year Blogoversary

This Friday marks the two year "blogoversary" of St. Stephen's Musings.

When I first started out on November 26th 2002, I never thought 456 individual posts and 3,766 reader comments would follow. (Of course, one wonders if my contribution has been little more than "idle words" ... I hope not!)

For your faithful reading, insightful, spirited, charitable dialogue, and fervent prayers I thank you, dear readers.

Like last year's collection, the following "Best of 2004" list contains a small sample of my favorite posts, some of my more controversial rants, as well as several musings that drew a sizable number of comments and further discussion.

* Waterfall and Rocks of Grace

* Self Expression, Art, Worship and the Trivium

* Ontological Change and Iconography: A Debate with Josh

* The Trials of Bodily Illness

* Ecumenical Discord: Neither Silence nor Capitulation Are Options

* The Image of the Invisible God
Part I and Part II

* Star Wars Denominations

* The Liturgical Gripes Series
Part V
Part IV
Part III
Part II
Part I

* Rules for Naming a Boy

* Fighting the Extremes: Blogging about the Faith

* The Elasticity of Orthodoxy

* The Priesthood of All Believers: Giving Advice in the Church

* St. Maximus the Confessor and the Reformed Tradition

* Generational Curses and Party of Five

* A Conversation About Zen

* On the Transfiguration

* Independent Laborers: Freedom and Obedience

* A Calvinist Who Went to an Orthodox Seminary

* Cut to Pieces

* Where Nobody Needs a Savior

* The Home as the Little Church: More on "Ministries"

* Obedience: The Neglected Virtue

* A Strange Encounter

Have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving Day and weekend!

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