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:: Monday, November 01, 2004 ::

Training Them in Love

My wife and I have been musing about how to approach the privileged responsibility of parenthood. I've been thinking about these two quotes:

"Parents cannot give what they do not have...i.e. if they don't have the things of God fully in their hearts, they won't transmit them on to their children". Fr. Anthony Coniaris, from a talk given at our parish fall retreat.

"Here also, however, is a warning for those who wish for their children to follow their faith...You cannot accomplish this through false means. You cannot make or preserve Christians by 'mere conservatism.' It must be done through love. You cannot accomplish through law what can only be done in grace. You must do more than train your children, you must train them in love, for only love can propagate desire for the orthodoxy that is truly Christian." S.M. Hutchens, from Touchstone's "Mere Comments".

Lord have mercy.

Update: "Fatherhood, the burden of love, my unworthiness, the treasure entrusted to me in this little one--this is my cross, my calling, my path to Christ."

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