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:: Wednesday, November 17, 2004 ::

Blog Roll Update

I make small updates to the blogroll on a regular basis but I thought I'd highlight just a few of the recent changes/additions for those of you who don't regularly check out my roll:

* Ray Fulmer is blogging from St. Vladimir's Seminary. Excellent ruminations the last few months.

* James' wife is Sophia Says. How many Orthodox husband/wife blogging teams are there now? I show 5 or 6 at last count...

* Josh Claybourn has joined forces with Paul Musgrave and Eric Seymour in a new blogging adventure. Definitely a "must link."

* With the addition of Christina, there are now 6 bloggers (including me) from my parish. Very exciting!

* I'm always on the lookout for new Orthodox bloggers. Send me an email or make a comment if you find one not listed on my roll or if you become one yourself!

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