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:: Wednesday, October 27, 2004 ::

Latin Humor, Luther, Abortion: Random Wednesday Musings

* Conversation from my Latin class:
Me: "So, we can see that the Latin word for man is spelled "v-i-r."
Female student, after a confused pause: "Is that where we get the word vermin?"

Hmmm. I'll let my readers decide if that is a fair derivative or not!

* The blogosphere has been all abuzz over the discovery that Martin Luther allegedly began the Reformation while sitting on a toilet seat.

However, a little bit of linguistic knowledge cleverly debunks this story.

* My wife is stirring the pot with her question about why the Kerry campaign wants to eat their cake and have it too regarding the question of whether a second Bush administration (through judicial nominations) can overturn Roe v Wade or not.

Jan continues the discussion, noting the crucial role the next president will have in choosing judicial nominees and Justin and Myles have contradictory opinions on what role the abortion issue should play in making one's decision. Much has been said about this by many other bloggers as well....

* Introspective Read O' the Week: On Loneliness and Happiness. John is one of my favorite NW bloggers.

* The wife and I went to the first of six birthing classes last night. I'll share more about that soon...

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