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:: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 ::

Intentional Community, WWII, and Imperfect Communion: Random Tuesday Musings

* Some of you have asked for a progress report on the intentional community. I'm sad to say that, for the time being, the project is being put on hold due to a combination of timing issues, changes in vision, and finances.

* How the WWII D-Day Invasion would be reported by the media today. Oh, how true this is!

* It seems I'm not the only one who realizes that English just hasn't yet developed the linguistic dexterity necessary to express the depth, tenderness, and beauty of Orthodoxy.

* Courageous and truthful statements like this, made at international ecumenical gatherings, give one hope that some good may still come from Orthodox involvement in bodies such as the WCC. Clifton notes, "It's strong medicine, but it's medicine we so desperately need."

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