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:: Monday, August 02, 2004 ::

Napoleon, Quotes and the Translation of St. Stephen's Relics: Random Monday Musings

* I saw this over the weekend. About 75% of the people in the theater roared with laughter (some of us with tears in our eyes) and the rest seemed confused. A brilliant and hilarious comedy that doesn't rely on vulgarity is a true rarity in our day. Highly recommended.

* Speaking of vulgar, what are your kids wearing? Goodness sakes. I think that about confirms we are in the end times.

* Why the church must repent of inclusivity.

* The Prayer Blog. Add your commemorations and take a few minutes to run through these prayers yourself.

* Quote du Jour: "What's another word for heresy? Progressive orthodoxy."

* Deep Thought du Jour. I feel like this all the time.

* Today is one of the Feast days of my patron, St. Stephen the Protomartyr.

"After the First Martyr had been stoned to death, Gamaliel, his teacher, encouraged certain of the Christians to go by night and take up the Saint's body and bury it in his field, which was at a distance of some twenty miles from Jerusalem and was called by his name, 'Kaphar-gamala,' that is, 'the field of Gamala,' where Gamaliel himself was later buried."

"About the year 427, a certain pious man called Lucian, who was the parish priest of a church near to that field, received from God a revelation in a dream concerning the place where the First Martyr was buried. He immediately made this known to John, the Patriarch of Jerusalem."

"Thus coming to the place indicated and digging there, they found a box with the word 'Stephen' in Aramaic letters. On opening it, they took these most sacred relics and transferred them to Jerusalem with great honor and in the company of a very great multitude of the faithful."

Update: "If you've let your child start being immodest, someone, somewhere is going to be immodest back."
Update 2: The opinions expressed in the comments of this post reminded me of a similiar topic and the intriguing and provocative discussion that followed.
Update 3: Jennifer notes the important truth that modesty is not just a "girl problem"

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