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:: Monday, July 19, 2004 ::

Bones In My Ceiling

Tonight, at the local "Orthodox Young Adults" discussion group, I'll be sharing my journey to the Orthodox Faith.

Earlier this week, in preparation for the talk, I was digging through some old files and found the original copies of all my poetry from 1995-1999. During this time period I had a good dozen officially published in various poetry journals, literary magazines and the like.

I thought I'd post one of these previously published poems here on the blog for fun. Feel free to critique or offer an interpretation. The poem is entitled "Bones in My Ceiling."

You say you see bones in my ceiling
Visions left over from some travels taken
A vacation from the beautiful flower
Which now looks like an old melted candle
And you see bones, little pieces of blotter, pieces of us
Are we creative within our earth, our world of routine?
You say you want this
And I wonder what it is we really need
I tremble and shudder from something that is not real
I know this
Truth as I come back down
And you see bones
You say you see bones in my ceiling
But maybe tonight all we have seen
Will combine itself inside us
And then you will see what I see
A long trail of stars
Revealing lights on my white sky
I will wake glowing
The illusion tucked back and away in my eyes.

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