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:: Wednesday, July 07, 2004 ::

Agia Sophia, Ever-Virginity, Polygamy, More on Moore: Random Wednesday Musings

* Please keep Agia Sophia Academy in your prayers. After so many doors opening earlier this year, the classical school has hit a few snags--a financial crunch, administrative difficulties, but mostly spiritual attacks. The Evil One would like nothing better than to see the school fail. Let us ask the Three Hierarchs for their prayers that classical Orthodox Christian education will become a reality here in Portland.

* S.F. Danckaert posts some quotes on the Ever-Virginity of the Theotokos. You'll be surprised who is stepping up to the plate to support this ancient patristic teaching.....

* A provocative idea for a sermon. I don't think many pastors could pull this off.

* As has been noted by many pundits, once you open the door to redefining the definition of marriage to include homosexual relationships, the argument for changing the definition again to include polygamy and pedophilia is philosophically unstoppable and politically imminent.
Props to Joel.

* Can you imagine the hysterical and reactionary hoopla that would surround a film like Celsius 250? The fact that some people thought this was a real film just goes to show how gullible we are when in comes to the image-based media.

Here are some other intriguing articles on Fahrenheit 9/11 I've been reading:

* Dave Kopel's comprehensive essay "The 59 Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11" is by far the most in-depth review of the film I've seen and is chock full of disturbing tidbits.
* On the falsity of the 1.4 billion dollar number used in the film.
* Christopher Hitchen's infamous critique
* Bunnie Diehl offers several links.
* A blog devoted to exposing the factual errors of Fahrenheit 9/11
* Richard Cohan, a liberal and no friend of Bush, isn't happy with the film at all
* An expose of the hypocrisy of film critics
* This balanced review contains some interesting remarks about whether Kerry is any different than Bush.

Update: James Lileks has a great new piece where he coins a phrase. "A Mooreism [is] an assertion thrown out with the assurance that no one will question it."

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