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:: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 ::

Weblogger's Day, Kleptocrats, Newbies, and Harry Potter: Random Wednesday Musings

* It seems that today is International Weblogger's Day. Cheers to ya'll.

* What is the difference between a government school (notice I don't call them *public* schools) and prison? This essay tries to find an answer.
Props to Serge.

* Jan Bear has the Quote Du Jour:

"you don't have to have a specific view of Bible prophecy to consider a liberal democracy, however imperfect, a better friend and trustier ally than hooligans, death worshipers and kleptocrats."

* There have been several new Orthodox bloggers popping up of late. I'll have more on this later...

* I just finished reading "The Hidden Key to Harry Potter" by Orthodox layman John Granger. This is a must read for anyone who has an opinion on the Harry Potter books. Jollyblogger recently noted this book in a post entitled "The Subtly Christian Worldview of J. K. Rowling and Harry Potter".

Update: I also wanted to mention that today is the feast day of St. Cyril of Alexandria and that SVS has a new book out entitled "Saint Cyril of Alexandria and the Christological Controversy." It has a Harry Potter-ish sounding title, doesn't it!

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