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:: Wednesday, June 23, 2004 ::

Notable Quotables, Family Joy, and Class Update: Random Wednesday Musings

* My sister-in-law just got engaged! Many Years to Katie(Xenia) and Steve (Job)!

* Seraphim brilliantly describes a state of being I find myself falling into far too often: "My mind has been numbed by the pedantic banality of bureaucratic necessities." That should be made into a bumper sticker.

* Proof that college students will do almost anything to get out of debt. Enough said.
Props to Joanne Jacobs

* Simeon, emerging from blog slumber, quips, "Historically, the church is the first singles bar (where else did a bunch of singles get together, have liquor and chat!) Look at the painting and icons of the Last Supper, isn't it the highest form of a single's bar?"

This reminds of a sign I once saw at a Greek festival: "Alcohol is not permitted off the church premises." I joked that we should take a picture of it and send it to our Baptist friends to scandalize them....

* Huw made me laugh with this: "The Roman Church back in the 16th Century codified their mass into what we now call the Tridentine Mass. It was decreed that it should be that way for all time... or 1967, which ever came first."

* Borowski, Weisel, literature class this summer will include all the favorites and then some. My grade will come from one essay test and one paper but I have an enormous amount of reading: 1 anthology, 1 large textbook, 1 autobiography, 2 novels.

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