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:: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 ::

Cheese Head Masses, Alexander the Great, Old Friends, and Blog Titles: Random Wednesday Musings

* I couldn't resist posting this picture gallery of disturbing Catholic Masses. Don't miss the Cheese Head and Dorito Masses. Venerable classics!
Props to Glen Tikhon

* The phrase "I like making new friends" is thrown around sometimes as a virtue. And it is, no doubt. But I wonder how many of us could honestly say "I like keeping old friends" as easily. That sure is a lot more work and a lot less fun....

* "Are the venerated relics of St Mark in Venice actually the mummified remains of Alexander the Great?" I love these kinds of questions.
Props to Dappled Things.

* An east coast Orthodox lurker (who felt compelled to make it abudantely clear that he had a Ph.D from Harvard) gave me some flack via email for the apparent "irreverent" title of my blog.

Ranging from the ridiculously speculative ("St. Stephen would have never mused!") to the grammatically obsessive ("These are your musings not the musings of St. Stephen!"), these kinds of rants come from being poisonously addicted to a limited and narrow way of looking at the world: one's own.

Fr. John suffered the same kind of assault on his blog title from the politically correct thought police.

One can always tell when a fasting season is in full liturgical swing--the passions and obsessions we so carefully shield have a way of oozing out into the open. I know this is true in my life.

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