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:: Tuesday, May 11, 2004 ::


Robbymac asks about tethering. Ah, epistemology that always leads, inexorably, to ecclesiology! The conversation continued here about the Nicene Creed.

He asks the questions:

What are the 'fundamentals' today that will constitute the tether that will keep any pomergent deconstruction from wandering into error, irrelevance, or even rank heresy?

What are the absolute essentials of our faith, which transcend both modern and postmodern thinking (since neither is actually a friend of faith)?

What is the tether that allows us to re-imagine how we communicate beliefs that we hold as timeless in our current cultural milieu?

I think Jim hits the nail on the head in regards to the intersection of postmoderns with Orthodoxy; especially in regards to the epistemological question of hermeneutics, doctrine, and apostolic teaching.

"The major questions with which heterodox Christianity struggles today have already been answered by the councils and the Holy Fathers..."

And the answer, for those wondering, isn't a philosophical syllogism. It is life in Christ and thus life in the Church.

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