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:: Friday, May 21, 2004 ::

Mallets, Testimony, and Monasticism: Random Friday Musings

* The Mallet 'O Understanding. I want one....especially for preemptive measures!

* Scott is writing about his journey to and from Orthodoxy. A must read for those interested in the stories of those who converted and later left the Orthodox Faith.

* There are a lot of single Christians who would flourish in a monastic setting. Some, of course, would not. However many will never even know it is an option or be encouraged to pursue that way of life
because of the contemporary Christian obsession with what has been provocatively called "The Completion Heresy".

For a variety of reasons this is true even in the Orthodox Church....

* Something tells me my wife, who has a B.A. in Math, will find the logical fallacy in this proof.

Update: Peter makes a great point: "We aren't looking at life from a stand point of salvation, but rather from a stand point of needs."

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