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:: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 ::

Fathers Expecting...Sex?

I've noticed something interesting, and quite insulting, about the tone of the "expecting fathers" books I've been reading.

This is what I gather the father-to-be should be concerned about (in order of importance):

1) Keeping sexual activity as frequent and as exciting as possible in the months immediatly after your "partner" has positively verified her pregnant status.

2) Having sex as often as possible during the second and third trimesters and especially after the pregnancy.

3) Preparing for the new life to be born into your family and supporting the mother in her new role.....if there is anytime left after having sex.

Men: are we really *that* pathetic and self-centered?

Update: Jim blogs on a similar topic. "Sex is not a metaphor for our lives; our life together is a metaphor for our life."

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