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:: Friday, May 28, 2004 ::

The Cavernous Divide

The wife and I went to our first official prenatal appointment on Wednesday.

It was too early to hear the heartbeat, but we had a lot of questions answered and continued to establish a strong relationship with the midwives. We are impressed with what they offer; both in terms of technical knowledge and personal care.

I have been suprised at how calm I've been since we confirmed the pregnancy. It is a strange state of being for me.

Chance, in his 5/24 post, writes that "there is a cavernous divide that separates my constant existence and the one I ought to strive for." I know what he means. As a habitual worrier, I even fret about my worrying...or lack thereof!

I'm not sure whether my relative sense of peace right now is due more to tired resignation or grateful acceptance--honestly, probably a bit of both.

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