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:: Monday, May 17, 2004 ::

The Bird, Irony, and Illness: Random Monday Musings

* I was amused by this anecdote I found as I was working on a paper for my Roman history class:

"Augustus...expelled Phylades, not only from Rome but Italy too, because when a spectator started to hiss Phylades called the attention of the whole audience to himself with an obsence movement of his middle finger."--Suetonius, on the life of Augustus in "The Twelve Caesars"

Who are you in this story: Augustus, Phylades or the audience? Why?

* As I was driving in a trendy part of northwest Portland last week I saw a BMW SUV with a "Ralph Nadar for President" bumper sticker. Let's hope it was a joke.

* We will be continuing our fascinating discussion of illness and suffering in the Christian life at the Orthodox Young Adult Group tonight. Non-Orthodox are welcome.

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