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:: Thursday, April 22, 2004 ::

Random Thursday Musings

* Steven Robinson, a regular contributor on the Orthodox Convert list, quipped

"We still have the philosophy today in New Age teachings that the human race is evolving into higher and higher cosmic spirituality of compassion, love, sharing and caring. Of course the only people who believe that crap are rich middle-aged Boomers who keep locks and alarms on all their stuff so the people who AREN'T evolving won't be able to steal any of the stuff they don't care to share with them."

Classic. I'm still wondering what is it with rich middle- aged people anyway?

* I was a participant in Michelle Johnston's blog survey on the topic of blogging, ecumenical dialogue and Christian ministry. She has now posted the fruit of her research in the form of her Master's thesis.

* Here is a great post that gives a glimpse into two issues simultaneously: why classical education really works *and* how our posture and dress affects our attitude.

""We believe in the philosophy that 'you become what you imitate.' Children learn the multiplication table by rote before they understand the theory of numbers. And we can also teach them certain physical responses before they are clever enough or good enough to understand genuine kindness. The young are hardhearted, you know. Selfishness has to be exercised out of them."

Was that exercised or *exorcised*? ... In any event, those demons are only tamed by prayer and fasting.

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