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:: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 ::

Female Orthodox Bloggers

I am happy to anounce we now have 3 Orthodox bloggers from Oregon! Ann Campbell, a friend of mine who goes to my former parish, has just joined the fray with a blog entitled "The Alto Section".

There are many who keep an eye on blogging statistics and trends, and one consistent complaint is about the lack of female voices amongst "god-blogs." I'm happy to say that the list of Orthodox blogs written by women has really grown over the past year. Keep up the good work ladies! Here are the ones I know of and keep tabs on:

Ann @ The Alto Section
Sara @ The Blue Canopy
Jan @ A World of Speculation
Alana @ Morning Coffee
Erica @ A Catechumen's Walk
Laura @ Laura's Front Porch
Abayea @ Sacred Insomnia
Lola @ LJL Spings & Knits
Havdala @ Doves and Pomegranates
Victoria @ The Light Fraction
Katie @ So Joyful
Mary @ Lamb Thoughts

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