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:: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 ::

Will You Be Hanging on the Wall?

Unless you count Matushka Olga of Alaska (and one could make a pretty good argument for her), there are no officially recognized female American Orthodox saints.

Come on ladies. We need to see icons of you!

The speaker at this year's lenten retreat, on the subject of theosis, quipped tongue in cheek that "the goal of the Orthodox Christian is to someday be found on the walls of the church."

Well, sort of. In any case it does make for a humorous visual: Can you picture yourself venerating an icon of St. Karl the New Martyr of Oregon? Or how about St. Karl, Enlightener of the Northwest and Equal to the Apostles?

Yeah, neither can I.

At this point in the Lenten journey , I sometimes wonder if I won't number myself among the goats. It is easy, especially when Pascha looms so close on the horizon, to "skip the cross" and go straight for the glory. Lord have mercy.

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