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:: Monday, March 01, 2004 ::

Notes Part IV: Community

* We need to avoid independence in the spiritual life and focus on interdependence.

"The aim of the spiritual life is to become like a sponge" St. Gregory of Palamas. We need to learn from those who have come before us.

* We are more healed when we are missing something; we are more whole when we break down ("I boast in my weakness" says St. Paul)

* The Greek word for "forgiveness" literally means "being in the same space with another"... We repent and are healed by forgiving and healing others and by learning to live in peace with those who hurt us.

* Christ was resurrected with his physical wounds. Our resurrection in repentance does not leave us "perfect" as we imagine or immaturely wish, but "fills that which is lacking with the Spirit"....

* How do we practice interdependence practically in parish life? The only thing that unites us is that we all fall short. We should avoid silly discussions and trivial conversations that focus on our "successes" but should rather look to open up, to expose our hearts, to support one another in our struggle.

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