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:: Wednesday, March 03, 2004 ::

Crushes, Cell Phone Plans and Marriage: Ecclesial Analogies

LT notes that "following Christ is more like a marriage than signing up for a cell phone plan. With a marriage we carefully consider whom we are going to be with. The commitment we make is lasts our entire life and it encompasses all aspects of our life. But that isn't how we spread Christianity today."

"Today becoming a Christian is much more like signing people up for a cell phone plan. Sign up today and get a free phone. The real cost of the phone in the monthly service plan. Unfortunately people can drop out of this contract at any time."

Over at the new Skopos blog there is this truism: "We want the first-date tingles but we don't want to take out the trash every week. We say we want real love and marriage, but we act, collectively, more like bar-hoppers than committed spouses of God..."

In this interesting discussion over at James' blog Sara writes, "I see what the POMOs are doing as a kind of 'crush'. You know, like we all had in high school. The sort of infatuation with the things you think the person is experience them from a distance, never knowing who they really are. While actually being part of the Church is more like marriage where the fullness of the other person is truly experienced."

Stephen, from the Orthodox Convert list, thinks that "just as a young couple first gets to know each other, (classically they don't start with sexual intercourse!) the inquirer begins by getting to know the Church..."

"This progresses on into courtship and betrothal--becoming a catechumen-- and finally marriage-- Chrismation. Then comes the fullness of union (Holy Communion). The person who rushes into this most intimate union before he or she is ready ends up fragmented..."

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