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:: Monday, February 16, 2004 ::

Traveling With a Theologian

It was truly a blessing to spend the weekend with Fr. Dn. John Chryssavgis. I even had the incredible privilege of spending the entire day and evening with him on Sunday. I was able to travel, eat, and converse with him as we made our way down to another conference in Eugene.

He is the epitome of class, humility, intelligence, and wit and there is no doubt the Orthodox Church could use more theologians like Fr. John.

We need people who serve the Church in humility without the need for power; intellectuals who have allowed the Church's ascetic life to shape and direct their gifts; family men who realize the proper balance between the various responsibilities we have in life; and Christians who respect, understand, and live out the paradoxes of the Orthodox vision.

Notes and thoughts are forthcoming on:

*Saturday's retreat on "Repentance as Resurrection"
*Sunday's homily on The Last Judgment (he served as the deacon in our parish)
* Sunday evening's talk on "Iconography, Liturgy and Ecology: An Orthodox Worldview"

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