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:: Monday, February 09, 2004 ::

Repentance As Resurrection

"Repentance is a fundamentally joyous, restorative return to life in its fullness. The repent is to awaken from the sleep of ignorance, to rediscover our soul, to gain the meaning and purpose of our lives by resounding to the incomparable love of the One who is 'not of this world,' the One who 'demonstrates His own love for us, that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.'"

Fr. John Chryssavgis is coming to my parish to give a spiritual retreat on Saturday 2/14. He is a world-renowned Orthodox theologian and author of many books on the Orthodox Christian faith and spiritual life. He is a native Australian, has a doctorate from Oxford (where he studued under Bishop Kallistos Ware), and teaches Dogmatic Theology at Holy Cross.

Fr. John is one of the best lecturers/speakers I have ever heard (he came to Portland about 3 years ago for a Lenten retreat). He is erudite yet humble; an intellectual yet practical and accessible. I highly recommend this retreat to all of my Northwest readers.

The schedule is as follows:
Matins 8:30am
Liturgy 9:30am
Brunch 11:30am
First Presentation (w/ Q&A) 12:30pm
Second Presentation (w/ Q&A) 2:30pm
Vespers following the presentations

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