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:: Friday, February 06, 2004 ::

The Passion of the Christ

The Orthodox with whom I've conversed have wildly opposing views on whether Mel Gibson's film is worth seeing.

The reading I've done and the conversations I've had prove there are almost as many positions as people. Even among the more well-known Orthodox there is a wide range of opinion. Case in point:

Father Patrick Henry Reardon gives it a thumbs up.

Frederica Mathews-Green gives it a thumbs down.

I've only read a small portion of the massive amount of material and commentary on the film, both pro and con, from non-Orthodox writers. It is enough to make one's head swim.

At this point I have conflicting thoughts about the film on a variety of levels and can't decide if I want to see it. So here is your question for the weekend: Do you plan on seeing Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ"? Why or why not?

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