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:: Monday, February 02, 2004 ::

A Cornucopia of Randomness

* Like we did last year at this time, the wife and I were at the annual parish marriage seminar over the weekend. I will be posting some notes and thoughts on this later in the week

* Much could be said about this, but I love the "icons and other navigational aids" part...

* "Would you like to go on pilgrimage? Are you hungry for contact with Orthodox Christians from countries with a rich traditional heritage? Do you want to know how they pray, how they raise their families, how they face life's difficulties, and how they serve God?"

* Today is one of the 12 major Feasts of the Church: The Presentation of Christ in the Temple. There is something very powerful about starting one's day in the darkness of the early morning, in a candle-lit church with a small group of people singing the Liturgy...

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