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:: Monday, January 05, 2004 ::

Orthodox Blogs MIA

"Our most vulnerable spot is found in many words and discussions." --Gerontissa Gavrilia, "The Ascetic of Love."
It seems the words of Mother Gavrilia may have hit a sore spot with a few Orthodox bloggers. Let's take a look at the causality list, shall we?

Jim: Done blogging indefinitely, but will remain a reader/commenter

Steve: MIA since late September. James of the NW can you give us a status report here?

Crimthann: Took Nativity off but is considering quitting after Lent.

Chance: MIA since late October. Aaron is there any way we can bribe him?

Kai: MIA since July. No email contact.

Simeon: MIA since September. Having children can certainly put a crimp in one's schedule!

Wayne: After a brilliant exchange with David Heddle about the ills of Calvinism, only two new posts since October. Health problems have plagued him though so keep Wayne (Nikolai) in your prayers.

Brasilianista : MIA since June of 02. Probably gone for good.

As the attrition rate rises it would be nice to see some new Ortho-blogs fill in the holes. Please let me know of any newborns you may find in your blogging travels.

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