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:: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 ::

Exhausted by the Epicureans

I finished my Ancient Philosophy final ealier today on fire and with a bang. I should get an "A" for the term.

The course, which began with such promise, ended up being rather pathetic. We spent way too much time with Lucretius, who I despise even more now thanks to this class. My fellow students seemed to be hand-picked for their rabid secular materialism and caustic method of arguing. It reminded me when I was at PU full time.

Anyway, if I have to hear one more person snicker with glee as a professor solemnly intones ".... and thus, as Lucretius so brilliantly shows us, we have no free will," I will gag. And I'll do it because I choose to, not because the atoms of the universe determined my reflex.

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