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:: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 ::

Confessions of Book Readers

The last Orthodox Young Adult dinner/discussion of the month was held at our house last night and it was good to gather again.

I got into a humorous conversation near the end of the evening that brought up an interesting question. Several people were chatting about Lord of the Rings films and the deviations from the books. One person, however, remained rather taciturn.

When asked directly what he thought of the last film, he sheepishly smiled and confessed that not only had he not seen the previous two films, but had not even read the books!

This led us into an interesting discussion around this question: What is one book (or set of books) that you would be embarrassed to admit having never read?

Now don't be bashful. Leave your Christmas confession in the comment box (and let's hope the server holds!). Here is mine and for an English major and a bookophile it is pretty bad:

I've never finished a single book by Jane Austen. Sad but true. (Havdala will be particularly scandalized by this, methinks!)

Ok, your turn!

Update: Merry Christmas to all! A small change as been made to this post thanks to Clint's sharp eye and my rushed and ridiculously sloppy attempt at research for the material of this post. (See the comments for more). Also, here is another question to ponder: What book (or set of books) do you regret having read? Near the top of my list would have to be Edith Wharton's miserable "Ethan Frome."

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