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:: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 ::

Speaking of Being Denominationally Promiscuous...

Where do you worship?

"On Christmas I went with some friends to the Pretzelterian church out on First Street, because it's so pretty with all the lights. On Easter I went to University Whatever Church, because they did a passion play. When I'm feeling low, I go to the Church of the Gladfest. When I want to hear good music, I go to the Church of the Frozen."

"When I want to meet friendly people, I go to the Church of the Thawed. At least once a month I go to Sam 'n' Alice's Independent Bible Church, because the preaching is good and it reminds me of what I grew up with. And last Sunday," she finished triumphantly, "I went to MacChurch, because they have a great college ministry."

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