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:: Saturday, November 15, 2003 ::

Random Saturday Thoughts

* I'm still working the kinks out with the Ortho-blog Thursday cache at blogs4God. With Dean's help, I should be able to post directly starting next week. I also want to make a correction to the most recent cache which says that I have posted "the Christian response to sex in films." This should read "a Christian response....." I am not trying to imply that my post (or really anything I write for that matter!) is perfectly indicative of the Church's teaching! I'm still tweaking how I want to format and present the cache. Please add your comments or email me your suggestions, worthy post URLs, etc.

* Clifton posts a review of "Revolutions" which, in some ways mirrors my review as well as adds to this in-depth conversation many of us are having.

* It's essays like this one on the nature of baptism that give me great hope that many in the Em-church movement will find their ultimate home in the Orthodox Church. Keep searching guys. You're more Orthodox than you know....

* Speaking of seachers: A very dear family member is coming to Great Vespers tonight for her first experience of Orthodox worship. Glory to God for all things!

* Proto Theo, a group of us from the self-created E.S.O.B. (Ecumenical Synod of Orthodox Bloggers) will be getting together for a first face-to-face meeting this Sunday. Although not quite a quorum (?) it looks to be a great time for Chance, Aaron, James, and me to worship together and spend some quality, non-digital, time together.

* I've got several partial posts in the works on a variety of topics such as the differences between "home church", an Orthodox young adult group, and the Church; as well as a reponse to a claim made to me that the Orthodox "don't take the Eucharist seriously enough."

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