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:: Friday, November 07, 2003 ::

The Patron Saint of Blogging

I think I just found the patron saint of blogging and amazingly his feast day is this Sunday.

"In addition to the usual time he spent dealing with the problems of his job, hearing confessions, writing papers and the like, Nektarios was now involved in something new which also demanded his time."

"He gradually got involved in extensive correspondence with clerics, theologians, and religious scholars of other faiths outside Greece, concerning the topic of true belief and how the members of each faith thought that theirs encompassed it."

"So, when Nektarios would receive a letter stating such an argument, he would respond by sending his writings, and in turn, would receive writings responding to what he had sent."

"Nektarios, of course, took the time to study them....'For how can I sit by idly when I know of all the arguments presented against my sweet and invincible Orthodoxy,' he thought to himself."

Quoted from "Saint Nektarios: The Saint of Our Century" by Sotos Chondropoulos, page 143.

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