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:: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 ::

The One Year Blog-o-versary: A Look Back

Today is the one year "blog-o-versary" of St. Stephen's Musings.

I have really come to enjoy how blogging, interacting with all of my readers and friends, and thinking more deeply about the Faith have all come together in one forum. I was a reader of blogs for many months before I ventured into the fray myself last fall. I think my wife got tired of hearing about all the things I wanted to write in response to other blogs, so she urged me to start my own. Here we are a year later!

As someone who enjoys writing and thinking, blogging has given me a way of sharpening my writing skills and has provided an invaluable way of disciplining my mind and my heart. Thanks to all of you who have made this year one of real growth and insight for me. Pray for me as I pray for you.

My posting with be spotty this weekend with holiday and family festivities coming up. So I offer you the past. Below are a few links to what I consider to be some of my more interesting, memorable, and in some cases, provocative posts. Enjoy!

"Freedom Within Within Structure--Becoming Communal Selves"

"Does Truth = Sincerity?"

"Reflections on Fr. Seraphim Rose and Evangelism"

"What Does it Mean to "Save Someone?"

"Personal and Individual"

"Worship, Evangelism: More on Closed vs. Open Communion"

"Follow the Beaten Path"

"Incarnational Theology, Flannery O'Conner, and Cartesian Dualism"

"Noetic Knowledge: More on Apophaticism and St. Gregory"

"My Barber, the Relativist"

"The Cult of the Nice"

"Conflict in the Blogosphere: Ramifications of the Incarnation "

"A Hymn For The Reformed Child"

"Are You Called?: Brief Thoughts on Women's Ordination"

"Ecumenical Dialogue: The Fallacy of the Temperament Argument"

"Individual vs Personal: What is the Nature of a Christian Spiritual Journey?"

"A Beautiful Dance or a Futile Debate?"

"Bridging the Chasm: Theological Dialogue"

"A Shared Relativistic Worldview"

"The Future of Emerging Church Ecclesiology"

"True Unity vs. 'Belief Systems': Part V (and the Conclusion) of a Response to NeoTheologue"

"Icons and the Emerging Church: A Response to an Anabaptist"

"Sex in Films"

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