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:: Thursday, November 13, 2003 ::

Gay Activists and the Emerging Church

Try this exercise out:

In the first paragraph of the following quote delete "gay marriage" and "marriage" and substitute the word "Church" in their place. In the second paragraph, replace "marriage" and substitute "Christianity." In both paragraphs replace "gay activists" and "gays" with your local postmodern Christian movement du jour.

"Outwardly, the advocates of gay marriage claim to admire marriage. But to claim the authority to redefine marriage, they must first claim that marriage is a flawed, man-made institution that needs to be reworked, or worse yet, that it is merely a result of the unguided evolutionary process...."

"Gay activists claim to believe marriage is so meaningful that it should be extended to gays, but their case rests on the belief that marriage is so meaningless that it can be claimed by anyone who wants it."

--Quoted from "Defining Marriage Down" by Adam G. Mersereau's article in the November 2003 issue of Touchstone.

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