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:: Monday, November 10, 2003 ::

From the "No Comment" Zone

These are the kinds of classes PSU offers to help us fulfill the Senior Capstone credit requirement:

UNST 421, "The Spirituality of Being Awake" - I, (3 credits)

"Students in this Capstone class will arrive with something they call 'spirituality' or 'spiritual practice,' whatever that is: Christianity, Judaism, Eco-feminism, Native American Spirituality, Buddhism, Islam, Sufism, Witchcraft, etc.

Through direct service with Portland-area social service agencies, students will discover and explore the connections between their direct-service experiences and their spirituality.

How is one's spirituality informed by one's observations and awarenesses? How are one's observations and awarenesses informed by one's spirituality? What is the cost of being wide awake? For their final product, students will utilize their lived experiences and expressed spirituality to develop and facilitate a project that supports the mission of their affiliated agency."

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