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:: Monday, November 17, 2003 ::

The ESOB Meeting of 2003

James has already posted the "minutes" of our meeting but here are some brief and random tidbits on this past weekend's trip up to Seattle when I met up with James, Chance, Aaron, and Basil:

* I am much more eloquent and bold in print than I am in person as I tend to be somewhat reserved in social situations and even downright shy. It was very nice to interact with the folks at St. Paul's (who were very gracious and welcoming) and James' hospitality made for a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.

* Aaron, much to my surprise, looks a lot like Luke Jackson of Oregon Duck fame. I got to hear more about his spiritual journey to Orthodoxy which was fascinating. He and his wife and little Basil are darling!

* James isn't kidding when he says his kids are a little crazy! They are very cute but full of energy and spunk--how the 6 of them fit in that tiny house without going insane is beyond me.

* Basil has the bushiest beard I've ever seen; even this "hair-etic" was impressed! And I learned that he is the master of all that is sushi and authentic Russian cuisine.

* Chance arrived later so sadly I didn't get to talk with him as much. He was expecting I would look more like Clifton. Boy, was he disappointed!

* I propose the next ESOB meeting be in Portland. The beer is plentiful and the door is always open!

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