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:: Thursday, November 20, 2003 ::

The Cache, the Blogroll, and other Items

* Today is Thursday and that means the Ortho-blog cache is up at blogs4God! This is the third post, by my first without Dean's help! I try and keep them short and sweet but feel free to email me your ideas and cache-worthy posts.

* Like a fidgety little child, I can't leave things alone. I'm constantly tweaking and organizing things--including my blogroll. I've added a few new links (particularly a whole new category devoted to a few of the PoMo bloggers I keep up with) and I've rearranged the format a bit.

* I know. I know. The commenting feature is horrible. I'm still weighing my options. The worst part is that just as I get to the point of being totally fed up, it works perfectly for a week or two. Sigh. The saga continues....

* Parts II and III of "An Orthodox Young Adult Group--Is it a "Home Church"? are forthcoming....Stay tuned.

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