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:: Tuesday, October 07, 2003 ::

Are We Dead?

In the midst of a great discussion over at Leighton's blog (which started here), someone made me smile with this comment:

"To be honest, I've always wondered what the Orthodox Church had to do with God really. The *external appearence* is that He moved on a couple of millenia ago but no-one noticed! I appreciate that there are many sincere and devoted believers within an orthodox context, but I find it very hard to spot God in a liturgy. Sure, He was there when He inspired it, but He's the God of the living, and has had rather fresher things to say."

Ironically, James talks about this very issue in a great new post. In part he writes, "Life is not discerned by the extent of its animation...ponder this: the longest living creatures on earth are without exception the slowest moving. Nature and science know that the brightest burning flames burn out fastest...."

"The life of our religion is found in less surface level reasonings. There is depth, there is longevity, there is solidity, there is Life. To take a pulse you must reach out and touch...come and see before you put the coins on our eyes. The heartbeat is there. And the dead continue to be converted by the dead."

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