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:: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 ::

Interview Questions for Anthony Cook:

1) You just started your first year of seminary this month. Thus far, what experience there has made the most profound impression on you? What is your first semester class load?
2) You link to an "Existentialist" blog What do you think of Existentialism as a philosophy? Have you read "Freedom to Believe: Orthodox Christian Existentialism" by Archbishop Lazar Puhalo?
3) What is your favorite comic strip of all time?
4) Have you ever had a serious illness or surgery? If so, how did it help shape your faith?
5) C.S. Lewis once said that there are only 4 noble professions; ones that had intrinsic value: farmer, priest, doctor, teacher. Do you agree? How would you describe the Orthodox theology of work?

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