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:: Sunday, September 14, 2003 ::

The Heathens Cry out for Blood!

The ever eloquent and intelligent Christopher Jones is engaged in an interesting debate over at Josh's blog after Josh grudgingly agreed with a post I wrote last week.

I'm tempted to defend and expand what I wrote, but Mr. Jones seems to be handling things well. In any event, it is a good discussion. Lutherans may wish to enter the fray to help Josh out!

Even though Josh thinks the only thing Orthodox do is paint icons and dream up new feast days to impose on the laity, all is not lost; he does have a wicked sense of humor. The following are a couple of his pet peeves and how he thinks they can be fixed:

"6. Corner preachers bellowing and shouting. They make Christianity look retarded and further just plain annoy me. The solution is for Calvinists to wage holy jihad against the Baptists, Pentecostals, and any other denomination known to produce street preachers. When the jihad is over, all the Calvinists would then be required to move to the Yukon until we needed them for something later."

"7. When people say 'Islam is a peaceful religion.' Uhhh...not according to the Koran, the vast majority of people who practice it, and the entire Arab world. Maybe liberal Islam is peaceful, but most (if not all all twelve) peaceful Moslems (and by 'peaceful,' I mean don't advocate violence as a means of promoting, establishing, protecting, or practicing their religion) live in the West. Solution: Conquer the Middle East and ship all the Arabs to Australia and take away all their boats and planes. They've pretty much proved they're incapable of designing and manufacturing vehicles, so they should be pretty safe there."

I wonder if David Heddle will find that first one funny!

Update: Josh has more to say about collegiality, liturgical witness and the canon.

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