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:: Tuesday, September 09, 2003 ::

Discerning the Call

There are times when I wonder if I may someday be called to the priesthood. This thought, when it happens to wander my way, is usually followed closely by the kind of realization Anthony writes of in this excellent post. Take this paragraph for example:

"My concern is that I do not possess the proper dread of the lofty calling I seek. St. John Chrysostom fled ordination--I am seeking it, and that blithely, regardless of my many sins and failings. In every way, I am utterly unworthy. Yet these are merely words which I write because I know in my mind that I should say them. They do not flow from my heart. That lighthearted approach to such a weighty office is perhaps the single greatest barrier to my eventual ordination."

A priest I know tells of what a joyful, but heavy responsibility fell on him on his ordination. "Take this charge," said Met. Theodosius as he put Holy Communion into the new priest's hands. "You will be held accountable for it on that Great and Terrible Day." The charge being not only the Holy Gifts, but the people under the new priest's spiritual care. That statement was, as the priest put it to me, "a double whammy."

Let us keep all the seminarians in our prayers as this month many will begin or continue to pursue their calling. It is both a dangerous and profound journey. It is one, that on some days, I find enticing yet terrifying to think about.

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