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:: Monday, September 01, 2003 ::

Church New Year and Other Musings

** September 1st is the first day of the ecclesial new calendar. I like this particular troparian for the day:

O Creator of the Universe,
You appointed times by Your own power,
Bless the crown of this year with Your goodness, O Lord.
Preserve in safety Your rulers and Your cities:
And through the Intercessions of the Theotokos, save us!

** My dad made this humorous comment in a recent email he sent me:

"Have you _really_ looked at the automatic signature that gets appended to your email from hotmail?"

Get MSN 8 and help protect your children with advanced parental controls.

"The notion that the world's foremost vector for computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses should be trusted to protect *the children* is surely an exercise in unreflective postmodernist irony. Don't you think?"

** Tell me what you think of this: "When the Father offered his Son for the life of the world, He offered to us the ultimate gift of His love. With the death of Jesus, the Mother of our Lord knew infinite grief and sadness. And His Father did, no less."

These were the concluding remarks made in an essay on the Nativity by Fr. John Breck. Maybe it is just early this morning, but that last sentence of his sure smacks of patripassianism to me. Maybe I just need another cup of coffee.

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