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:: Friday, September 12, 2003 ::

Billions and Billions Served

For some reason, I really got a kick out of this sentence:

"This is not McChurch and, no, you don't get worship on the side. Worship is something you give to God. Church is not about you-it's about Him."

One of the many things I am grateful my Protestant past gave me was a deep appreciation and experience of the "high church" services of an Anglo-Catholic parish. The popular PoMo or mega church model of worship never appealed to me, even in my staunch evangelical days. While I never would have found the above sentiment groundbreaking, I am glad to see others starting to question the "rock concert" style of worship. As Leighton correctly points out,

"Worship should really be about God. I don't know how you can be God sensitive and seeker sensitive at the same time. Our desire to please newcomers is really restricting the level of richness we can explore in worship."

An article in the Sept. issue of Touchstone put it well: You become "seeker sensitive" when you take your faith and worship *seriously* and *reverently* and refuse to comprise any part of the Gospel message, either in the way you worship or in your communal and personal praxis. Holiness and fidelity to Tradition will win more converts than a jazzed up worship service and a fancy program. Seems axiomatic to the Orthodox. It also seems others are coming to see this truth as well.

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