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:: Saturday, September 20, 2003 ::

Answer to the Quiz and a Book Search

* For the life of me, I can't remember either the title or the author of a scifi short story and I'd really like to find a copy of the book.

However, I do remember the basics of the plot. In the future a group of people travel back in time to "fix" the future. However, so as to not disrupt the space-time continuum, they do as little as possible to get their desired result. So for example, rather than killing a future enemy before he rises to power, they simply move a book on a bookshelf, or switch a personal item for another, knowing that this will be enough.

Sound familiar?

* Here is the answer to the quiz I posted the other day:

All 4 statements were said by the secularist directly to me in defense of his unbelief. (He was raised Greek Orthodox). The non-denominationalist sat quietly, nodding her head to most of what he said.

To those who ventured a guess: what do you think of the answer? What does it say about the future of postmodern/"emerging church" Christianity?

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