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:: Tuesday, August 26, 2003 ::

Random Tuesday Musings

I have been in a strange mood this week. Bear with me. I have been unable to craft anything of any theological depth the past few days so this is what I have to offer at the moment. So, for once, I give you a true musing!

* Jeopardy contestants would do a heck of a lot better if they were just a tab bit biblically literate. Goodness sakes. It's just flat out embarrassing. That's all I have to say about that.

* Take a peek at the front page of John's blog. Doesn't the photo of his Eminence Metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (of blessed memory) bear a striking resemblance to actor Christopher Guest (particularly the character of the count in "The Princess Bride")?

* The commenting feature is going through a rough patch the last 24-36 hours. Work, I�m sure, is being done at a feverish pace to restore this all-important feature to the blog. In the meantime feel free to email me comments. Or just think them quietly to yourself if that makes you feel better. [Update: As of 10pm PST, I think I got them working again]

* U2 is the greatest rock band of the last 35 years. Period. I think one could even make a powerful argument they are the best musical group of the modern era. Well, I don't think one could--I KNOW one could.

* Clif mentions his utter disdain of analytical philosophy �Could one take a more interesting topic (free will, agency and the self) and make it anymore boring?� Oh, I don't think so. Would you like to join the �True scholars loathe modern American positivism and despise post-structuralism� club?

* Readers who are also bloggers: does this amuse you as much as it did me? (Props to Ian).

* I'm working on a few serious pieces but I don't know if they will be worth posting. We'll see. As you were....

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