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:: Thursday, August 21, 2003 ::

Questions for Bloggers

Jakob's Five:

1) Where in Denmark do you live? What is life like there?
2) You've been a regular contributor to the C.S. Lewis Summer Book Club. Which one of the three "Space Trilogy" books has been your favorite? Why?
3) As an inquirer into Orthodoxy, what has been the biggest struggle so far? What aspect of the Church intrigues you the most?
4) Do you enjoy your job?
5) Have you ever spend time at a monastery? If so, what were your impressions? If not, would you like visit one in the future?

Mark's Five:

1) You have written some short fiction in the past. Do you have other stories in the works?
2) What made you want to start a blog? What keeps you motivated to blog?
3) How did you come to settle in Oklahoma?
4) What do you like best about being a high-school math teacher? Would you want to teach at another grade level? Why or why not?
5) You had several very influential people of faith in your life growing up. Tell us a little bit about how they helped guide you to the Roman Catholic Church.

Robert's Five:

1) How has becoming Orthodox changed your experience of working at a small Protestant college?
2) In the last 6 months, has there been any particular book that has resonated with you? If so, in what way?
3) What is your favorite hobby?
4) St. Robert is a rather obscure saint. What was it about his life that made you want him to be your patron?
5) What was your major in college? If you could go back, is there another field of study you would be interested in pursuing?

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