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:: Thursday, August 21, 2003 ::

More Interviews!

Christine's Five:

1) Like me, you have a deep passion for ecumenical dialogue. How has blogging enabled you to enter more deeply into these discussions? What have you learned about the nature of the debate from blogging?
2) What specific field of law are you currently working in?
3) What faith tradition were you a part of before you became Roman Catholic? What pushed you toward Catholicism?
4) Who is your favorite philosopher?
5) What is the most profound thing you�ve discovered about life this past year?

S.F. Danckaert's Five:

1) How was your time at the monastery?
2) What do you consider is the most pressing issue facing the Orthodox Church in this country?
3) What was your first encounter with Orthodoxy?
4) What is your favorite piece of music?
5) What is your opinion of �Great Books� colleges (such as St. John�s)?

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