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:: Friday, August 29, 2003 ::

Futbol, Skydiving, PoMo church: Another Round of Interviews

Questions for John:

1) In a previous interview you mention the beautiful sport of futbol. How long have you played? What positions?
2) About half way down on your blog is a picture of an amazing icon corner. Yours? If so, tell us about it.
3) Many Orthodox (myself included) believe that without a vibrant monastic presence on American soil, the Church will find it difficult to produce saints in this culture. You just took a trip to St. Anthony's. What are your views of monasticism here in America?
4) What one book do you wish your non-Orthodox family would read?
5) What has been the most difficult aspect of married life? Most joyful?

Questions for Dan:

1) You and Phil write one of the more popular Australian "emerging church" blogs. What initially drew you to blogging and how do you see it influencing and interacting with the postmodern (post-Protestant) church phenomenon?
2) How did you and Phil become friends?
3) What is life like in Australia? How different is it from American life?
4) I have written in the past about how the emerging church movement is tending toward a more communal, experiential, contemplative, and holistic Christianity. I see this as a way in which many who have been raised in "western" Christian churches can get a glimpse of what Eastern Orthodox Christianity has to offer. What are your thoughts on this?
5) Taking a cue from Huw, Is there any question you wished I had asked? Or any nightmare question you're glad I didn't ask?

Questions for Chris & MHG:

Ok. Time for a less-serious interview for once. Chris and "Mr. Hibbity Gibbity" asked for some time in the hot seat. Strap yourselves in:

1) We all want to know this: What is up with the "Mr. Hibbity Gibbity" name tag? Where does it come from? Are you really just Chris in disguise?
2) Have either of you gone skydiving? If not, what are you waiting for?
3) What is your most embarrassing moment? (Bwahaha!)
4) What do you *really* think of Katie?
5) If you could go back in time and live for a year (with, of course, no serious ruptures in the space-time continuum) what time and place would you go?

Update: Chris is a little miffed that, up until now, I haven't had him blogrolled.... Oops. My bad. All has been made well! (His answers are already up).

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